The Most Absurd Deleted Scenes of All Time

2. Jared Leto is TOO Funny

Movie: Phone Booth
Director: Joel Schumacher
Why this scene was deleted: Jared Leto has actually claimed in interviews that the reason this scene-and with it his entire role-was cut out of the movie is because it was "too funny." A claim that, while hilarious in its own right, sounds very much like the studio trying to let him down easy: "Oh, no, Jared-you were great. In fact, you were"TOO good. Yeah, just TOO FUNNY. I mean, you're Jared Leto-you can't NOT be funny!" They should have included footage of that phone call as an extra feature. Now THAT would have been funny.
Why this scene was ever shot: Because Schumacher is so largely inept as a director-see: Batman & Robin, D.C. Cab-he probably thought Jared Leto WAS funny, and that a scene of pure Catalano-driven gold was exactly what this tense thriller needed. Self-Loathing Fun Fact: When a fan on the street yelled "You ruined Batman!" at him, Schumacher responded, "I know I did!"

1. Kevin Smith is TOO Funny

Movie: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Director: Kevin Smith
Why this scene was deleted: Because just before the movie was released it was discovered that this monologue, in which Jay gives graphic description of a series of vulgar sex acts, had appeared almost verbatim in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
Why this scene was ever shot: Because Kevin Smith is an auteur and asserts creative control over every aspect of his films, meaning he can write, direct and star in as many scenes that feature the phrase "tongue my bung" as he sees fit.

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