CRACKED INSIDER: The 15 Funniest People of 2006

11. Jimmy Kimmel

In the comedy world, it takes a lot to make enough of a name for yourself that you're known as something other than "Sarah Silverman' boyfriend," but with ingenious bits like "Unnecessary Censorship," Kimmel has shown that he has the chops on his ABC late night talk show. It's even rumored that Jimmy Kimmel Live may be replacing Nightline at the Letterman/Leno-dominated 11:30 spot.

10. Ricky Gervais

This Brit famously created and starred in the original The Office, and now executive produces NBC's take on the show. His latest series, HBO's Extras, follows an out-of-work actor (Gervais) whose failure to land big roles is obviously (to him) the result of misfortune. If uncomfortable situations were an art form, Gervais would be Monet.

9. Opie & Anthony

The morning DJ world is usually the last refuge of old high school jocks who call themselves "Mad Dog" and find nothing funnier than car horn sounds and nothing more awesome than Def Leppard. But Opie (Greg Hughes) and Anthony (Anthony Cumia)-who recently returned to terrestrial radio after involuntarily leaving it for satellite TK years ago- have a different approach: actually being entertaining. One of their best moments was an on-air yelling match between film critic Joel Siegel and director Kevin Smith.

8. Adam McKay & Will Ferrell

You're probably asking yourself who the hell Adam McKay is. He's the guy who co-wrote and directed 2004's Anchorman and this year's Talladega Nights and helps make Will Ferrell so damn funny. Together, they're a lethal combination (assuming you're highly allergic to really funny movies). Talladega's trailer contained more genuine laughs than most feature-length comedies. (We're looking at you, You, Me & Dupree.)

7. Tina Fey

What do you do when you've outgrown SNL, where you broke into the old boys' club enough to become the first female head writer in the show's history? If you're Fey, you start up a new show based largely on that experience. The show, 30 Rock, airs on NBC and stars SNL alums Tracy Morgan and Rachel Dratch as well as 1,375-time SNL host Alec Baldwin. If Fey's success on SNL is any indication, 30 Rock should be around for a while.

6. Seth Green & Matt Senreich

If your knowledge of Green is limited to his cameo work as Dr. Evil's son in the Austin Powers movies, then you don't know what you're missing. If your knowledge of Senreich goes in any way beyond the duo' current project, Robot Chicken, then you're probably his mom (in which case, thanks for reading, Mrs. Senreich!). The pair' stop-motion animation show bolsters Adult Swim's lineup with hilarious send-ups of pop culture, consistently-and lovingly-trashing childhood TV memories and never thinking twice about tackling issues like cancer, animal abuse or rampant addiction.

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