Star Wars

A long, long time ago, in a pitch meeting far away, a man was denied the rights to a Flash Gordon adaptation. And thank The Force those rights were denied, because now we get to live in a world where The Adventures of Luke Starkiller As Taken From The "Journal of The Whills" exists! Okay, okay: the Skywalker Saga wasn't exactly fully formed upon first draft. But boy, we sure were blown away with a Death Star-level force when Luke, Han, and Leia fired up the hyperdrive to our hearts. 

Sure, there have been some misfires. Every character might have untreated mental illness. Sometimes Star Wars video games are better than the movie. Sometimes Star Wars is horny (especially those horny Jedi). But don't tell us that John Williams score doesn't make your heart skip a beat. Don't tell us you don't want a lightsaber. Yeah, we know. It's okay to love Star Wars, even when it's stupid. Cracked is here to cover every twist and turn in the galaxy-spanning saga. Read on below: 


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