'The Mandalorian' is Trying to Fix Every 'Star Wars' Problem

Baby Yoda is here to make everything right.
'The Mandalorian' is Trying to Fix Every 'Star Wars' Problem

This article contains SPOILERS for Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian

A lot happened in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian -- not just Baby Yoda barfing up a mouthful of dayglo green cookie juice, but Mando and his pals stumbled upon a secret Imperial facility that was seemingly involved with cloning ... something. We also learned that "The Child" was a key part of this process, according to a holo-recording of Dr. Shades. Specifically, they were interested in his "M-count."

Okay, there's a lot to unpack here. First of all, these tubes full of botched clones recall the opening scenes of The Rise of Skywalker, prompting many to wonder if the Empire's mysterious scheme from The Mandalorian involves cloning Emperor Palpatine. Which would, admittedly, flesh out a plotline that otherwise feels like a Death Star-sized shrug. And the so-called "M-count" likely refers to Midichlorians, the much-maligned microscopic Force-receiving organisms we first rolled our eyes at in 1999's The Phantom Menace.

By incorporating two of the, arguably cringiest moments, in the Star Wars franchise, it sure seems like The Mandalorian is straight-up trying to fix Star Wars and retroactively imbue even the lousiest elements of the prequels and sequels with more nuance and depth. They've done that to a certain extent already with the death of Boba Fett; once seen as a pathetic exit for a cool character who never fully lived up to his promise. Now The Mandalorian has effectively erased that embarrassment, resurrecting Boba as a badass desert marauder. 

Even Life Day, the traditional Wookie day of watching VR porn from the infamous Holiday Special was mentioned in the very first chapter of The Mandalorian. It's as though this one show is trying to unite the entirety of the Star Wars canon, Hutt warts and all. Perhaps we'll get an entire episode devoted to confirming that whining about sand getting in your pants is an effective Tatooinian aphrodisiac ...

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