Why John Williams Is The Most Important Part Of 'Star Wars'

For one thing it would have been a lot quieter.
Why John Williams Is The Most Important Part Of 'Star Wars'

We still have to wait several months before we get yet another Star Wars show about a familiar dude hanging around the desert planet of Tatooine, we’re starting to hear some pretty exciting details about the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi. Most promisingly, legendary composer John Williams has written the “musical signature” for the new show. Hopefully, it will be an awe-inspiring addition to his iconic Star Wars themes – but to be honest, it would also be kind of funny if he took all of Disney’s money and just mailed them an MP3 of “Yakety Sax.” 

As reported by Variety, Williams already recorded some music last week “under tight security” according to anonymous sources who may or may not be Bothan spies. And it isn’t the only time Williams has provided music to non-Saga components of the Star Wars universe, he composed the theme for Solo and a symphonic suite for the Galaxy’s Edge theme park, perfectly capturing the majesty of what it feels like to make a beeline for the bathroom after riding the Millennium Falcon with a stomachful of blue milk.

In a way, Williams is the closest thing to an “author” that the Star Wars series has; since Disney scrapped George Lucas’ plans for the sequel trilogy, Williams is one of the only major creative players involved in all nine Star Wars episodes. And even when the films themselves have arguably dipped in quality, Williams somehow continued to improve. As we’ve mentioned before his prequel scores are, not only musically brilliant, but full of narrative foreshadowing. Not to mention this track which, regardless of how you feel about The Phantom Menace, practically blew the doors off of every multiplex in 1999.

And while fans will be arguing about the sequels until the end of time (or until that guy actually tries to remake The Last Jedi and we’re all too busy laughing) Williams gave us some of the best Star Wars music ever.

So by all means, keep hiring him to make Star Wars music, even if it means paying him a fee that can only be measured in private islands.

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