The Stupid Rules of Star Wars Fashion: No Zippers, Glasses, or Bras

Just so we’re clear: Velcro = spacey, zippers = unacceptably terrestrial.
The Stupid Rules of Star Wars Fashion: No Zippers, Glasses, or Bras

Like every aspect of the Star Wars universe, there's a whole book devoted to the costumes worn by the actors in the franchise, and Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy by Brandon Alinger reveals some pretty strange rules George Lucas had for how people dressed in his world. For example, there could be no buttons, zippers, or "fasteners" of any kind "because it's too close to Earth." That makes sense for the characters who just frolic around in robes the whole time, but what about, like, Han Solo? How are his pants staying up? There's clearly a zipper area and look at his shirt. Is it Velcro? Is Harrison Ford being held together by Velcro right now?

"Hey, whatever helps me get out my clothes quicker for space-banging."

If Yoda's shirts, which were "attached by Velcro and snaps to prevent them from falling off," are anything to go by, yeah, probably. Just so we're clear: Velcro = spacey, zippers = unacceptably terrestrial. Also? No glasses, at least until The Mandalorian. The inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away apparently figured out LASIK light years ahead of us and just rudely kept that technology to themselves.

Zippers are not realistic, but Space Massholes are.

Also, as Carrie Fisher revealed in her one-woman show Wishful Drinking, there are no bras in space. As Lucas explained, the lack of gravity in space renders them unnecessary (even though nobody in Star Wars is floating around or anything), and the way the body expands in space would lead one to be strangled by their underwear.  

Probably the same face she had as Lucas explained this to him.

They did have to tape Fisher's breasts down with gaffer's tape after her nipples proved too prominent on camera, though, because underwear might not exist in space, but modesty does.

Top image: Walt Disney Company


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