10 Actors Who Turned Down Famous Roles (For Bizarre Reasons)

Boy are we glad Sean Connery was confused by 'Lord of the Rings.'
10 Actors Who Turned Down Famous Roles (For Bizarre Reasons)

Have you ever turned down a job? We have. Digging graves in the middle of a Wisconsin winter? No thanks. Delivering pizzas by foot. Nope. Selling spoons at a knife store? Hard. Pass.

Actors are no different. They don't take every role that comes down the proverbial Hollywood pike. In fact, the bigger they get, it seems like the more choosy they get. Sometimes that works out in their favor, sometimes it doesn't, and they're left to agonize about what might have been. And they probably do that agonizing at some pretty high-priced therapists.

There are a lot of acting roles out there that were filled by the perfect person. Mark Hamill is most definitely Luke Skywalker and that’s that. But have you ever thought about how close we were to someone else taking some pretty sweet acting gigs, likely losing us iconic characters forever? Because we were pretty damn close a lot of times.

For example...

Sean Connery didn't understand a damn thing in the Lord of the Rings script. LORD THE OF THE RINGS The legendary actor declined the role of Gandalf in
Pierce Brosnan thought he'd look ridiculous in Batman's costume. BATMAN Tim Burton wanted Brosnan to play Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989). During a Reddi
John Travolta didn't want to be associated with a misandrist movie. CHICSAGO Harvey Weinstein offered Travolta the role of Billy Flynn numerous times,
Eddie Murphy thought that Ghostbusters was absolute nonsense. GHOST BUSTERS During the filming of Trading Places, Dan Aykroyd, who was obsessed with g
Eminem refused to leave Detroit. CHEMMPATI 3H ELYSUM Director Neil Blomkamp chose Marshall Mathers to play Max Da Costa in his second sci-fi project.
Frank Sinatra used an eight-year-old injury as an excuse. t tyHarry While filming The Manchurian Candidate, he suffered a broken wrist. Due to that in
Tom Cruise asked way too many questions that couldn't be answered. edward SCISSORHANDS Cruise was perplexed by how Edward Scissorhands could do everyd
Will Smith wanted to change everything about Quentin Tarantino's movie. DJANGO UNCHAINED Smith insisted that Django should be the one who kills the vi
Russell Crowe didn't want to be typecast as Mr. Wolfman. X-MENV Crowe was Bryan Singer's first choice to play Wolverine, but he was hesitant because
JohN Candy had a bizarre request for his character. GHST BUSTERS lvan Reitman offered Candy the role of Louis Tully, but he wanted to play him with a
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