How Baby Yoda Became A Latin American LGBT Icon

It has to do with cake.
How Baby Yoda Became A Latin American LGBT Icon

Baby Yoda has been through a lot in his short life, from becoming a meme to being accused of genocide ...

... and now, he's a Latin American gay icon -- all because of cake. Specifically, Rosca de Reyes, or king cake -- traditionally eaten on the Catholic holiday of Epiphany. It usually contains a tiny plastic baby Jesus in its sweet, fluffy depths, but this year, one Mexico City restaurant decided to get creative with their cake and replace the baby Jesus with the Baby Yoda. Like most things involving the cuddly egg murderer, everyone hopped on board.

Once Grogu cake became the 2021 Epiphany trend, though, Mexican religious conservatives lost their damn minds. The head of Mexico's National Front for the Family called the modified cakes "an attack on family values" and "a direct attack on religion, because they are putting aside the holy family." The deputy director of Radio and Television of the Archdiocese of Mexico was a little more charitable, suggesting, "this could be used at another time, such as for Children's Day or birthdays," but insisting that king cake should be about "meeting the Christ child, the child Jesus, remembering and appreciating the story of the Gospel, simply having fun, eating the bread, and finding your favorite character within it."

Likewise, a theologist from the University of Navarra said he was "convinced that the people who put Baby Yoda in the Three Kings Bread do not do it with malice or with the intention to bother Catholics" but when people "no longer identify the Christian sign, which is that we celebrate the child who appears on Epiphany, that is, it is God who becomes visible in Jesus, and that is what the Magi, who were not Jewish, discover." Basically, even reasonable people aren't happy.

As a result, the Baby Yoda has unwittingly become an LGBT icon for young Latin Americans, complete with memes:

We're almost certain babies can't be communists, being concerned with little else than the level of feces currently filling their pants, but welcome to the resistance, Baby Yoda, we guess.

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