According To 'The Mandalorian' The Galaxy Went To Crap After 'Return Of The Jedi'

The Ewoks had no good reason to party it seems.
According To 'The Mandalorian' The Galaxy Went To Crap After 'Return Of The Jedi'

The triumphant ending of Return of the Jedi was, arguably, somewhat undercut by the recent Star Wars sequel trilogy. Sure, the second Death Star was destroyed, but despite all the Yub Nub-ing, our heroes just had to deal with a new sleek reboot of the Empire thirty years later in The Force Awakens. Now everyone's favorite non-Muppet-based, baby-themed TV show, The Mandalorian, has shown us that the Star Wars-verse went to shit pretty much immediately after the Empire was destroyed.

In this week's episode, Mando basically gets space-pulled over by space-cops -- two X-Wings patrolling the galaxy on behalf of the New Republic. The Mandalorian isn't emitting the right kind of beacon, so they flank his ship and hassle him.


Even worse, in the first season, we see three X-Wings pursue an escaped prisoner to a space station. Their response? Just start blasting the joint to smithereens. That's like if cops in our world followed a fugitive to an apartment complex and proceeded to launch grenades into the building like goddamn psychopaths.

So really, once Luke, Han, and Leia vanquished the Empire, it seems as though they were all somehow cool with creating what amounted to merely a new dystopian police state. And this isn't the only example we've gotten of post-Return of the Jedi life quickly imploding. In the recent season premiere, we learned that within hours of the second Death Star being destroyed, Tatooine's "mining collective" moved in and started up a "slave camp."

So really, perhaps the Rebels should have had a more comprehensive plan for political reform apart from simply "let's just blow up our wizard overlord, party with some flesh-eating teddy bears, and worry about the staggering repercussions for our galactic ecosystem later."

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