Roald Dahl

Anti-semite, Air Force veteran, man with the golden dong, guy who wrote “slut” into a children's rhyme, and author responsible anyone under 10 knowing who Gene Wilder is, Roald Dahl was a man who contained multitudes. On the one hand, Roald Dahl helped invent a medical tool for brain injuries; on the other hand, we really weren't kidding, Roald Dahl once said “Hitler didn't just pick on them for no reason.” In between writing unforgettable children's classics like Matilda and The Witches, Dahl wrote smut stories for Playboy. No, this wasn't the highbrow lit about philandering husbands that Johns Updike and Cheever wrote, Roald Dahl wrote real sex stories. And also Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. While spending the first chunk of his life living like James Bond. Then, you know, The BFG. Like we said, multitudes. 

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