19 Kids' Books That Were Banned (By Overprotective Adults)

19 Kids' Books That Were Banned (By Overprotective Adults)

Adults are always trying to tell kids what they can and can't do. Sometimes the reasoning, at least, is understandable -- jumping out a third story window with an umbrella won't make you fly like Mary Poppins, Jimmy. Putting that in your mouth will kill you, Tommy. That's how you get cancer, Luanne. Other times though... the logic is hard to follow. 

Several books feature talking animals, but most kids know it's just pretend and don't think it's a gateway to Satanism, Aunt Lucy. And despite your homophobia, gay people exist and aren't going away, Uncle Pete, so can Jimmy read Captain Underpants now?Also, Pastor Rupert, Winnie-the-Pooh is a stuffed bear, so why are you so sore about him not wearing pants? In fact, real bears don't wear pants in the wild in the first place! 

Here's 19 questionable reasons that children's books were banned by parents, teachers, and random organizations.

Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web o A nursery school in Batley, England banned all books about pigs because they were worried about offending their 60%



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