17 Weird Acts Committed In The Name of Espionage

Spying is a strange business.
17 Weird Acts Committed In The Name of Espionage

Espionage is a well-documented phenomenon, with the CIA formerly including Nigel West's Historical Encyclopedia of Espionage on its own suggested intelligence suspect's library. Female spies who use such tactics are referred to as sparrows, whereas male agents are referred to as ravens.

But there are several eye-opening incidents that indicate the weird facts that were performed in the name of spying. We know people are familiar with this kind of job, as movies have shown us, but the reality is bitter.

The espionage life is glamorously depicted in movies, television, and books, but real-world spy stories are bizarre. Here's one secret even the most inexperienced sleuth can uncover: the stories in this article will absolutely blow your mind and change the way you think about spying, espionage and international intrigue. So make yourself a martini (shaken, not stirred) and continue reading for 17 espionage stories that are more intriguing than any James Bond film.

THE CIA ONCE TRIED TO ASSASSINATE CASTRO VIA MILKSHAKE. Fidel Castro survived over 600 assassination attempts. One of those included a cyanide pill in
Source: CNN
IN THE 19705, THE CIA CREATED A DRAGONFLY ROBOT FOR SPYING. The -powered robot had impressive performance capabilities, but, due to the wind, it was n
Source: CIA
DURING THE COLD WAR, THE U.S. HIRED 1000 NAZIS AS SPIES. FBI Director J Edgar Hoover actively sought out Nazis and dismissed their horrific acts as So
STALIN USED A SECRET LAB TO ANALYZE MAO'S POOP. When Mao Zedong visited Moscow in 1949, they installed toilets connected to boxes. Specialists would a
Source: BBC


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