Dude! You like indie movies? We recently found out about this studio—you've probably never heard of it—but they're behind, like, almost every movie we've ever seen. Remember Brink, that roller blading movie? Yeah, they did that!

Okay, we genuinely don't know how to keep this bit running when it's time to talk about the sordid history of Mickey Mouse or do feminist readings of Disney princesses. Besides, we're a comedy website writing about pop culture. We're basically required to have Disney+ accounts, since Disney has taken over the world. If there's an indie studio with their own Brink! in the development pipeline, they probably belong to Disney. 

But the appeal is magical. We love the parks, especially since wokeness has come for the Magic Kingdom (and we promise not to scatter ashes at Haunted Mansion this visit). Some of us were even in Mickey Mouse Club! So, yeah, Disney has its dark side. We'll get to all of that. But start with this list of wild Disney Princess facts, maybe grab a comically oversized turkey leg, and sit down with a talking animal friend to enjoy all our Disney articles: 


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