Turns out the world's largest media conglomerate has some shady stuff going on behind the scenes, who knew! 

Has Disney created some of the biggest hits of family friendly cinema that have gained worldwide renown and popularity? Why, yes. Has it created some of the most beloved characters and plot lines of all time? Again, yes. Is it also a ruthless nostalgia factory that pumps out endless streams of propoganda? Okay, maybe kind of.

The truth is, there is a dark and undeniably strange side to Disney. We dug up more than a dozen facts about Disney that are slightly less than magical.

For example did you know that long haired men were denied entry to the park before 1970? The rule was relaxed after a band of hippies staged a coup of Tom Sawyer island.

Here are 13 not so magical things about Disney that will have you demanding Walt's frozen head on a platter:

Two people died while riding The Matterhorn- exactly 20 years apart. In 1964, a 15 year old teenager died after falling out of his seat- and exactly 20 years later in 1984, a 48 year old woman suffered the same fate. Both deaths were ruled accidental. CRACKED.COM

source: SFGate

People won't stop scattering ashes at The Haunted Mansion. This happens so often that the code word for dealing with it is HEPA cleanup because a special HEPA vacuum attachment is needed to suck up the extra fine particles of human remains. CRACKED.COM

source: Ripley's

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