Antonella Ponce

Anto is a 23-year old Argentinian-Ecuadorian producer, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and performer. They began her artistic career at 3 years old, moving on to TV and live performances at 7 years old. At an early age, she participated in multiple albums with local artists and several live performances, eventually taking after-school lessons at their local university. In her later years, she attended The Berklee College of Music Summer Program, and later on graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from New York University where they met Gabriel Alegria. During her college years, she released 5 collaborative works and one EP, all featuring her multi-talented skills. She also performed in Music Festivals in front of crowds of over 8,000 people, and charted at the top of local radio stations in Ecuador, peaking at #1 with multiple singles. Antonella is now working full time on preparing her debut LP featuring 19 songs all composed, written, performed, arranged, produced, and mixed by them.

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