The Live-Action Cinderella Film You Never Saw

The Live-Action Cinderella Film You Never Saw
Before it was animated, the 1950 feature Cinderella was performed and recorded in full by costumed actors and models.

That may sound extravagant, but it was actually a cost-saving measure. Walt Disney Productions was about $3 million in the hole when they began storyboarding, and Disney couldn't afford to be as fun and fancy free as he was with 1947's Fun and Fancy Free. Giving animators frame-by-frame reference images actually streamlined the process and cut production costs substantially.

Some of this filmed performance has survived. Compare these live-action production stills to the final animated scene:
Actors were lip syncing to -recorded vocal tracks, meaning this scene was basically a karaoke beat-down.
Walt Disney has said that the dress transformation scene was his all-time favorite piece of Disney animation. It's a shame he didn't live to see the
Cinderella is technically a size 4.5, SO her Peggy Hill-footed stepsisters never stood a chance. CRACKED.COM
Walt Disney wanted the Fairy Godmother to be tall and regal, but relented when producers scored all-star little-old-lady types Claire Du Brey (model
Cinderella's live-action model, Helene Stanley, also modeled for Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and Anita in One Hundred and One Dalmations. CRACKED COM
Helene Stanley pulled double-duty modeling both Cinderella and her flute- -bastardizing step sister, Anastasia.
They couldn't find one guy who could do all three, SO Prince Charming required separate actors for live-action reference modeling, voice acting, and s
Gus is only the second most famous mouse voiced by actor James MacDonald. He took over Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney, and held the job for 30 years. C


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