Scientific Ways To Get Ahead (Or At Least Suck Less) At Work

We all need money, and those of us not born in a swimming pool of gold coins often acquire our wealth through a method called “working." Here are 14 scientific findings on how to find workplace success and continue to make that sweet, sweet dough. 


PERSONALITY GROWTH HAS CAREER BENEFITS One study found that developing your rconscientiousness and emotional stability leads to more income and career

Source: EurekAlert


CHILDHOOD MENTORS HELP DEFINE FUTURE CAREER SUCCESS People who had mentors when they were young were more likely to have careers with intrinsic reward

Source: EurekAlert


WORKPLACE ANXIETY CAN ACTUALLY BE BENEFICIAL Moderate levels of anxiety can help your work performance if you can self-regulate your behavior. However

Source: EurekAlert


SUCKING UP TO YOUR BOSS MIGHT BE SELF-SABOTAGE I MY BOSS Kissing up to your boss depletes you of energy to do your actual job. Suck-ups are more likel

Source: EurekAlert


HAVING FUN LEADS TO LEARNING MORE PLA MMONTH People in fun work environments are more inclined to try new things and not fear making mistakes. CRACKED

Source: EurekAlert


SELF-CONFIDENCE LEADS TO CAREER ADVANCEMENT Students with higher levels of confidence earlier earned better wages and were promoted more quickly when

Source: EurekAlert


PASSION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TALENT Young people with strong callings are more likely to take risks, persist, and ultimately, find professional succ

Source: ScienceDaily


KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR LARGER CAREER GOALS Young adults who maintained high career aspirations and clarity of career goals were more likely to be empl

Source: ScienceDaily


TRY USING IMMEDIATE REWARDS TO GET WORK DONE Instead of rewarding yourself when you complete a long project, a reward at the end of a section can help

Source: EurekAlert


FAIL EARLY IN YOUR CAREER TO SUCCEED LATER Setbacks early in your career lead to greater success in your long-term career, if you try again. CRACKED.C

Source: ScienceDaily


MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON TO FIND CAREER SUCCESS Your spouse's personality, especially how conscientious they are, can influence your professional career

Source: ScienceDaily


DON'T MAKE A BACK-UP PLAN un KOD Having a Plan B can actually reduce your performance and hurt your chances of successfully achieving your goal. CRACK


YOU NEED MORE THAN INTELLIGENCE Learning non-cognitive skills like attention, self-regulation, and perseverance leads to career success later. CRACKED


CHANGE WHAT YOU CAN, AND BLAME YOUR PARENTS FOR THE REST. Both environmental and genetic factors contribute to your proactivity at work.

Source: EurekAlert