25 Movies Changed For Ding-Dong Reasons

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Movies and shows go through a lot of revisions before they launch into the zeitgeist; that's pretty much a given. What's surprising is how jaw-droppingly strange the reasons for those changes can be. Here are the more arresting reasons for changes to movie and show characters, storylines, settings, titles, and more.

Entry by sesu

Voldemort WASN'T supposed to hug Draco... but Fiennes did iit anyway forshitsand giggles. According to Tom Felton, the infamous hug was never in the s

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED cO COM THIS IS THEEND Emma Watson was set to appear during channing Tatum's cameo scene as Danny McBride's gimp. However, the sight of Tatum i

Entry by Kristina Yong

In accordance with the book, some spine-chilling scenes from the horror movie, THE SHINING, were to occur in a hotel room numbered 217. Unfortunately

When Peter Pan first made its debut (it was a play before it was a book), Peter and the Lost Boys could fly on their own. When children kept injuring


CRACKED COR In Return of the Jedi, Luke has a blue light- saber in the posters, but a green one in the movie, because it had to be visible against Tat

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The name of the villain company in Eraser was changed from Cyrex to Cyrez at the request of a chip manufacturer named Gyrix FasMath CX-83D87-40-GP 10

Entry by Lizzy Chrome

On 123 SESAME STREET Snuffleupagus stopped being imaginary because of child molestation. Relax, we're not accusing Snuffy of sticking his trunk in b

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDC COM A Captain America's Avengers costume lost the chinstrap because Joss Whedon wanted to show off Chris Evans' jawline.


CRACKED.COM THE NEVERENDING STORY Atreyu was supposed to have green skin. Despite having some of the most awesome special effects of the time, and bei

Entry by Andrea Meno

POLICE T FUZZ (HE Hott Fuzz became Hot Fuzz SO Simon Pegg wouldn't be asked in Q&As about the second 't.' CRACKED COM

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Ryan Gosling was supposed to play Jack Salmon in The Lovely Bones. However, the role was given to Mark Wahlberg at the last minute because Mortiret Go

Entry by Busteq

The movie adaptation of the John Carter Of Mars novel series was plainly titled John Carter because... Dinsy JOHN CARTER MARS NEEDS MOMS Mars Needs Mo

Entry by JarOCats

A devoted Red Sox fan, BEN AFFLECK refused to wear a New York Yankees cap in GONE (GIRL Affleck locked horns with director DAVID FINCHER, and shut dow


CRACKEDC COM MIB MEN IN BLACK It wasn't originally set in New York City but director Barry Sonnenfeld changed it. He decided that aliens would most li

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The vultures from The Jungle Book are a barbershop quartet instead of a rock group because Walt Disney wasn't a fan of The Beatles. Originally, We're

Entry by Andrea Meno

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) CRACKED.COM was supposed to be blonde. 20 EDITION NNIVERSARY LEVY JOHN CANDY HANKS HANNAK EUGENE TOM DARYL ERLAGI

Entry by Andrea Meno

25 Movies Changed For Ding-Dong Reasons

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM TOMORROW NEVER DIES was supposed to be Tomorrow Never Lies after the producers and director decided that the title with 'Dies' did not mak


CRACKEDCO CLueless Dave Chappelle was nearly cast as Murray in Clueless. In an odd twist, his delivery of Murray's slang seemed too sincere to the dir


All the running in heels stuff from Jurassic World wasn't meant to be in the film. Colin Trevorrow, the director, says he kept asking Bryce Dallas H


The Bird Box monsters were never shown because the design they had planned looked ridiculous. There was an actual scene shot that revealed the monster

Entry by Resivir

October Sky October Sky is an anagram of Rocket Boys, the title of the book written in 1998, upon which the movie is based. Apparently, the title was


SPIDERSMAN Many people know that there was almost a very different Green Goblin mask, but not why:. Amalgamated Dynamics created and tested the mask o

Entry by Maclise

Hugh Jackman was supposed to have a small Wolverine cameo in the as original Spider-Man. As awesome as that would have been, it didn't happen because

Entry by Resivir

CRACKEDOON DisnEy's THE EMP'EKOR'S WROOVE Emperor Kuzco was originally named Manco, which had to be changed following a problematic discovery. The n