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I'm Paid To Mourn At Funerals (And It's A Growing Industry)

These people don't just kind of stand by the graveside to fill out the crowd -- they assume fake identities and fool the rest of the mourners into thinking they're one of the bereaved.


5 Ways People Ruined Loved Ones' Lives After Dying

Apparently the 'bury me' and 'burn me' options are just too boring for some people.


6 Dark Sides Of Canada That No One Ever Talks About

Maybe we're building the wall on the wrong side?


6 Powerful Groups You Didn't Know Have Post-Apocalypse Plans

Keep calm and carry on, right, Britain?


5 Awful Public Reactions You See After Every Tragedy

Apparently there are very real people out there who believe they could have single-handedly stopped national tragedies.


So You've Lost Control Of Your Body To Parasites

Do you have any other gastrointestinal symptoms? The squirts? The runs? McGregor's Dribble? Psycho Discharge? The Horror Breeze?


I Discovered My Company Was Evil During A Routine Audit

What's the worst thing your boss has ever done? Made you work on the weekend? Sexually harassed the secretary? Gave millions of dollars to an infamous dictator? Jack's boss did that last one.


Hunting Bigfoot: 4 Things You Learn Chasing Fiction

Yes, I paid a drunk stranger to take me into the woods alone. Yes, he had a gun.


5 Terrible Tragedies Exploited By Cash-Obsessed A-Holes

Reenacting 9/11 sounds ... fun?


I Was Burned Alive By An Angry Mob: Here's My Story

WARNING: If you're sensitive to reading stories about real people being burned alive by mobs, you might want to skip this one.


6 Famous Places That A-Holes Have Made Intolerable To Visit

$15,000 a year spent because of traffic cones. We'll say it again: Because of traffic cones.


6 Real Life Events That Were Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

These people seem to have accidentally triggered some kind of curse that there's just no real explanation for.


The Hoax You Didn't Realize Dominated The 80s

The true story behind Buddy, the nonexistent boy with leukemia who received millions upon millions of post cards.


7 WTF Ways Seemingly Innocent Companies Screw Their Workers

There are so many serious injuries sustained at Ashley Furniture that we wouldn't be surprised if the head office was running an Amputee Pool.


6 Hilarious (But Accurate) Statistics About Pop Culture

Sam and Frodo pretty much traveled from Pittsburgh to Alberta.