20 Unassuming Historical Facts

Those who don't know history are... probably a lot happier, actually.
20 Unassuming Historical Facts

We all have those historical events that we learned about in school that we picture a certain way. But what if we told you that your preconceived notions about these events might be wrong? Here are some facts that will change how you picture these famous moments in history. 

For example, we are sure at some point in your schooling that you learned about the Boston Tea Party. If so, you probably remember it as a patriotic event where colonists rebelled against unfair taxation by the British Crown. But what if we told you that the real reason for the tea party was because of a brawl between two rival gangs? Yeah, it's not quite as heroic when put into context like that! 

The fact is, history texts have a habit of omitting the most unusual details regarding historical events, apparently because schoolchildren's minds are incapable of processing them. But there's nothing your mind can't deal with right now. So let's don our Indiana Jones hats and travel back in time to remind ourselves of some very bizarre aspects of history that are often overlooked.

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