15 Deaths Showing The Grim Reaper's Ironic Side

Careful what you write a defiant libertarian op-ed for.
15 Deaths Showing The Grim Reaper's Ironic Side

The reaper comes for us all. But sometimes, when he's feelin' goofy, he likes to have a little fun with it! Sure, he could have struck down the anti-seatbelt activist with lightning, but why not kill him in a car crash? We have to imagine the pallid specter of death not only playing chess against a Swiss guy for some reason, but also pulling pranks and then giggling about it.

All (okay, most) deaths are tragic. But some of them are like, a little bit funny too. Like, really: if you wrote some of this stuff into a TV show, you'd get laughed out of a writers' room. Laughed out and then fired. But who could have possibly predicted George Michael's last Christmas would literally be his last Christmas? Not us, that's for sure. I mean, come on. Here are a few of the most ironic deaths in the history of our fragile species:

George Michael's heart gives out on Christmas. 2016 You can't escape the song Last Christmas for about a quarter of the year. Wham! singer George Mi
Deadlifter deadlifts ...to death. 1993 Four-time World's Strongest Man Jon Pall Sigmarsson, who once said there is no reason to be alive if you can't
Niagara Falls daredevil dies by pratfall. 1926 CRACKED'COM Bobby Leach was the second person to go over the falls in a barrel. 15 years later, he slip
Marvin Gaye shot by the gun he gave as a gift. 1984 CRACKED COM Gaye became increasingly paranoid later in his career, even wearing a bullet-proof ves
The sea captain's accidental honor killing. 1794 CRACKED COM TWO friendly ships passed each other somewhere around Hawaii, and Captain John Kendrick f
Beach Boy drowns. 1983 CRACKED CON Drummer Dennis Wilson was, ironically, the only surfer in the group. He went afternoon drunk diving in Marina Del R
Fugitive gets his ass kicked the day he escapes. 1980 CRACKED COM Four death row inmates escaped Georgia State Prison the day before Troy Leon Gregg w
Helmet hater dies of head trauma. 2011 A New York anti-helmet protest ride turned (extremely predictably) deadly, when a rider fell off his Harley and
Anti-seatbelter dies an obvious and preventable death. 2005 CRACKED COM A few months after writing an editorial titled Individual Rights Buckle Under
Guy who discovered REM falls asleep at the wheel. 1953 CRACKED COM Eugene Aserinsky was a sleep researcher who brought the Rapid-Eye Movement sleep st
Founder of the lce Bucket Challenge drowns. 2014 CRACKEDO 27-year-old Corey Griffin co-founded the viral challenge when his friend Pete Frates was dia
Inmate makes his own electric chair. 1989 South Carolina very bad dude Michael Anderson Godwin managed to get his sentence reduced from the death pena
Segway investor dies on a Segway. 2010 POLIS CRACKED CON British entrepreneur Jimi Heselden purchased the goofy gyrobike company, and that same year,
Guy drowns at a lifeguard party. 1985 The New Orleans Recreation Department threw a pool party to celebrate a perfect record of O drownings for the wh
Woman dies at her own funeral. 2012 CRACKED COM A 49-year-old Russian woman was declared dead of a heart attack, but then woke UP while her family wer
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