15 Respected Groups (Who Aren't So Elite)

15 Respected Groups (Who Aren't So Elite)

How many strangers per day do you depend on for your survival? Seriously, think about it. You expect a line cook you'll never see won't poison your food. You expect a bus driver will obey traffic lights. You the guy repairing the elevator in your office building to connect the red wire to the red wire or whatever. That's where experts come in.

We live in a world where we rely on experts for everything. If you want to be good at sports, train hard with a great coach. If you have a lot of money and want your story told but can't write worth a damn, pay an author to do it for you. If your naughty bits are looking a little strange, go see a doctor. Except it turns out there are plenty of so-called "experts" out there that really don't deserve your time and money. So don't put your genitals in the hands of people like ...

15 Respected Groups Who Aren't So Elite As People Say - People get into Mensa by submitting results from various random tests. Some members even admit
Source: BBC

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