Historical and nostalgic films have always fascinated audiences and this is unlikely to change in the future. These movies transport viewers back in time, allowing them to travel to distant eras and meet the people who have shaped history. Unfortunately, they rarely provide the audience with precise information about that past.

The notion of a movie "based on true events" mesmerizes an audience like nothing else. Genuine-life stories involving actual people, locations, and occurrences tend to give a film an added layer of charm. Some filmmakers assume that their artistic license allows them to go far beyond this. Following that, many viewers watch these movies with the false assumption that they are entirely true.

Whether on purpose or not, producers are constantly stuffing their films and tv series with historically plausible and inaccurate facts. Given the ubiquity of Google, we have to wonder how much of this is actually on purpose.

Shoutout to Tomkat53, whose tolerance for anachronisms is the only thing keeping him sane, for suggesting this contest.

Entry by Maclise

In Forrest Gump, Gump receives a letter from Apple congratulating him on his investment in 1975. reche Which is impressive, because Apple wasn't found

Entry by Andrea Meno

The Tom Cruise WWIl drama Valkyrie is set in 1944. fFuhrer befiehl Mir folgen Dir In 1941, the Nazis said the font in the sign above (called Fraktur)

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