If you've worked in the service industry, you've probably encountered the lowest of humanity. Customers can be petty to downright cruel, but you're expected to help them with a smile on your face. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What was your worst experience with a customer?” Some of them were horrifying, but we gathered the most entertaining of the bunch to present to you, below. 

TELL US NOW. WINE-Y CUSTOMERS A customer lectured Vince T. about how bad drinking a gallon of water a day was, as I poured her FIFTH and SIXTH glasse

TELL US NOW. BYOB Sean C. tells US, Worked in a Korean style BBQ and a group came in with uncooked burgers. They were pissed when we wouldn't let the

TELL US NOW. JESUS. Ben B. says, I was working as a waiter at a Christian conference center, and a customer asked me how I am today and I said, I'm

TELL US NOW. THE HAGGLER Kory S. tells US a customer threw a rage fit when I wouldn't negotiate the price of groceries. I worked at Target.

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TELL US NOW. THE MASK Derek J. says one customer said the place worked at needed to do a better job enforcing the mask policy. This may not have been

TELL US NOW. UNDERWEAR TO DIE OVER Ken P. faced a customer who said if the underwear he'd just bought didn't keep him warm, he'd come back and I'd be

TELL US NOW. TOOTH AND NAIL Joe G. got teeth knocked out after addressing a customer about cutting the line for Attack of the Clones. I went back to

TELL US NOW. SEW DISTURBING 12 97 34 35 36 2U 37 38 39 4 1/6 55 5 59 lllillilhtulmutlll 60 Carol C. works at a place that sells sewing supplies, and

TELL US NOW. HOLD THE ONIONS While waiting on a table, Bob W. was approached by another customer holding her pizza who DROPPED it on the floor with a

TELL US NOW. NO TOUCHING Bill S. worked at a place where the rule was you can't touch customers, I had a fist fight between customers break out besid

TELL US NOW. DON'T TRUST THE MAN Janet B. tells US, Worst experiences involve a customer asking to speak to 'a man' in the department .. this has hap

TELL US NOW. BAD GAS Linss Daniel G. worked at a gas station when one guy nearly started a fist fight with me because I asked if he had gotten any ga

TELL US NOW. FRIED VENGEANCE James E. says, I thought she was on the phone, but no, she literally told a bag of frozen French fries You're lucky our

TELL US NOW. THE EXORCIST Lauren M. tells US, A lady walked around the store with her child vomiting from the cart. She kept saying lt's fine, he ju

TELL US NOW. THE AFTER CHURCH CROWD SUCKS Jessica H. says that this demographic thinks they can tip in prayers and are always so picky about every

TELL US NOW. THE FAUX BRIT Cheri B. says, I hung up after he started screaming over the phone. Same guy called back using a fake British accent to ap

TELL US NOW. WILD EXPECTATIONS Eric B. tell Us, There was a wild opossum trapped behind a dishwasher I was supposed to uninstall. The client thought
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