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4 Unintentionally Hilarious Guides for Depressing Situations

It's not usually okay to laugh at the pain and misfortune of others, but I found a collection of books and videos that were accidentally designed to do exactly that. That's what this article is about, so I'm sorry, unfortunate people... things still aren't going your way.


The 5 Most Extravagant Ways Cities Have Been Wiped Out

Every city will eventually go away. Usually they'll be abandoned or paved over to build a professional sports stadium for the bigger neighboring city. And then there are the cities that die hard. One morning they're there and the next, nothing. What happens in between is often so spectacular and fast you wouldn't believe it if you saw it happen in


9 Mind-Blowing Pieces of Art Made With Ridiculous Materials

Let's face it -- we've all tried to build a house of cards or make a sand castle at some point in our lives, but most of us get bored within a few minutes and give up. For others it may take an hour, or maybe even a few days... and there are those who devote their lives to making hugely pointless yet amazing things out of small, ridiculous material


26 Old-Timey Ads for Modern Products

Vintage ads are like embarrassing high school year book photographs for our entire culture, offering glimpses into the dumb asses we used to be. We asked you to show us some of our modern products as they would have been pitched by those dumb asses.


The 5 Saddest Things People Do to Look Smart

The biggest problem is that there's a lot of different kinds of smart, and we can't all be good at all of them. Some people just panic and think there's only two groups of people - the smart and the dumb.


5 Simple Tricks for Destroying Your Co-Workers

While we'd like to believe that all it takes is hard work and talent, the bitter reality is that we need every advantage -- legit and otherwise -- to rise to the top. And that means you have to be ready to be a horrible person.


6 Insane DIY Surgeries You Won't Believe Actually Worked

Warning: does not advocate self-doctoring of any kind, no matter how hilarious it may be.


If Real Life Worked Like a Role-Playing Game

What it might look like if the world actually looked like it does inside the heads of people who spend too much time on role playing games.


Barbecue for Bastards

Lessons in the fine art of gonzo grilling


The 6 Most Badass Airline Pilots To Ever Stare Down Death

While you may think flying is just a whole bunch of auto-piloting, it's important to keep in mind that pilots are around for a reason


I Can't Tell If the World Is Being Serious Anymore

When 'Fast Five' thrilled critics and finished their opening weekend at number 1, I decided to stop paying attention to movies for a while and start focusing on the real world.


Why You Should Never Fall Asleep at the Wheel [COMIC]

Especially if there are other people in the car with you.


If Movies Were Realistic

For all the complaining we do about unrealistic movies, nobody wants to see the hero soil himself in slow motion as he walks away from an exploding car.