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32 Insane Movie Ideas Built Out of Existing Movie Titles

There's a game they play on Doug Benson's podcast in which guests are asked to build the longest title they can out of existing movie titles. That got us wondering if you could actually build a good movie that way. It turns out that, well ... no you can't. But you can build some titles that make for some pretty ridiculous movie posters.


The 6 Most American Things That Aren't Made in America

Many of the great symbols of Liberty we Americans cherish are actually not American at all.


19 Awesome Old School Video Games (That Should Have Existed)

The first 25 years of any art form are going to be riddled with embarrassing missteps, and frustrating missed opportunities. A look back through the early days of gaming knowing what we know now, and show us the games we would have been playing if they'd gotten everything right the first time around.


8 Words You're Confusing With Other Words

And you know what, if people are going to spell 'receive' wrong or complain about


9 Houses You Won't Believe People Actually Live In

Part of the appeal of being a homeowner is the ability to customize your house the way you like it. For some, that means adding a deck, repainting or expanding the bathroom. For others, it means entering the realm of madness and becoming its eternal ruler. We know all of these houses make you want to scream, 'Fake!' but we promise: They're all asto


5 Famous Ad Campaigns That Actually Hurt Sales

Jared has sold a shitload of Subway sandwiches. Ronald McDonald has become one of the most recognizable characters in the history of human civilization. They are what ad executives dream about: campaigns that become media sensations and make the company billions. But then there are the ad campaigns that only do the first part; everybody can quote t


If Flags Got Awesome Redesigns

Most flags designs were apparently inspired by doodles off the back of middle school trapper keepers, since the coolest things they could come up with to represent entire countries or states was stars, suns and maybe a bird or a bear if you're lucky. Here's what they should have looked like.


5 Silly Childhood Rituals (That Explain Adult Behaviors)

Memes are just the grown up world's version of 'down-down-baby, down-by-the-rollercoaster.'


The 5 Most Horrifying Things Corporations Are Taking Over

But sometimes corporate sellouts involve more than cringe-worthy ads and intrusive product placement. This is when selling out starts to get just a bit horrifying.


The Off Screen Deaths of 26 Famous Fictional Characters

Memorable characters whose spectacular finales were left to the imagination.


The 6 Weirdest Free Speech Issues Around The World

Can't we have legal controversies over sillier and more anticlimactic speech issues? Well, it turns out we can. If we Americans can stop being so self-centered for a moment and look around abroad, we can find a wealth of weird old free speech issues, like:


7 Pieces of Good News Nobody Is Reporting

the news media has a filtering process that only lets the bad stuff through. When they do break up the monotony with something lighthearted, it's always something pointless and inconsequential, like that thing last week with the monkey that learned to fly a helicopter.