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The 6 Worst Parts of Being Chinese (Not In The Stereotypes)

This is the stuff that is annoying real actual Chinese Americans every day.


You Wouldn't Understand [COMIC]

A comic about friendship.


The 5 Greatest Books With Psychotic Fanbases

Crazy fanbases aren't anything new. It's when crazy turns to psychotic that we regret these books were ever written.


5 Things We Are Making Fatter (In Addition to Ourselves)

If your own health won't get your fatass on a treadmill, at least do it for the health of your friends and Mr. Snuggletons.



The 5 Worst Deals In the History of Handshakes

Here are the true stories of the people who actually got the shortest end of history's stick... presumably somewhere in the 'butt' region.


The 6 Most Hilarious Undercover Operations Ever Pulled Off

Surely criminals aren't as dimwitted as Hollywood makes them out to be, right?


6 Companies That Make Money Solving Problems (They Made Up)

Reading Cracked keeps your genitals from exploding. We're just saying.


6 Japanese Subcultures That Are Insane (Even for Japan)

Just when we thought Japan couldn't frighten us any further, we discover this shit.


5 Blatantly Corrupt Politicians America Reelected Anyways

In today's 24/7 news cycle, every politician is under a microscope: So when it's revealed that a politician has a legitimately reprehensible history--the kind of past that no one, regardless of political affiliation, could defend--surely their career is over. Unless, you know, the voting public just straight doesn't give a shit.


The 6 Most Impressive Cases of Identity Theft Ever Pulled Off

We like to imagine all of these people wearing fake mustaches while tricking these poor saps.


6 Well Intentioned Ways You're Ruining Your Dog

It turns out, pretty much everything you do when interacting with dogs, is wrong in some way.


The Problem With Powerful People [COMICS]

Yeah that about sums it up ...