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7 Obnoxious Behaviors That Should Be Punishable By Death

Like all well-adjusted individuals, I find myself wishing death upon people nearly constantly. And not people who deserve it like Genghis Khan or Jeffrey Dahmer (mostly because they're already dead) but people who just get under my skin. This raises several questions: Is wishing death justified? Is it productive? And what the hell is wrong with me


19 Things Old People Suspect About Modern Culture

The elderly spent their better days fighting for our freedom, only to have the rug pulled out from under them by the rapid advance of technology. We have nothing but sympathy for them, but all their complaining does make you wonder just what it is they think we're up to with our damned gadgetry, and new-fangled hip-bop music.


The 8 Most Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Toys

Molten glass, molten metal, hazardous chemicals -- all were included in toys back then ... on purpose.


15 Cards for Getting a Jump Start on (Ruining) Christmas

Christmas cards are usually designed to spread Christmas cheer, while subtly bragging about how well you and the family are doing. We asked you to show us the cards that would ruin Christmas for someone involved in that transaction.


6 Misleading Assumptions You Make About Quiet People

Quiet people face stereotypes too, they just don't have a spokesperson demanding you stop discriminating against them.


8 Hilariously Insane Examples of Vladimir Putin Propaganda

When America wanted an action hero as President, they filmed Air Force One. According to the photographs coming out of Russia, the media there just had to follow around the real thing.


The 5 Craziest Soldiers of Fortune To Ever Cash a Paycheck

It takes a certain breed of person to be a mercenary. And that breed is batshit insane.


6 Things They Say Hurt Careers (That Statistics Say Help)

It turns out that many of the ways we intuitively believe we're improving our success in the workforce are totally wrong. If you want to get ahead, you'd be better advised to just let yourself go.


6 Reasons We're In Another 'Book-Burning' Period in History

What's contained in this article is going to make 80 percent of you want to punch me in the face.


7 Reasonable Explanations For Looking Like a Hipster

There's a lot of innocent people that can get caught in the searchlights during a hipster hunt, who have perfectly reasonable explanations for why they exhibit some of the classic hipster signs. Like...


25 Honest Lunchbox Letters From Parents to Children

Some parents have been putting notes in kids' lunchboxes for decades, presumably to remind the other children in the cafeteria what real love looks like, or to teach their own child the fundamentals of taking a punch. And now Pottery Barn and others are cashing in, manufacturing pre-written letters for parents on the go. Here are some suggestions .


6 B.S. Myths You Probably Believe About America's 'Enemies'

Spend five minutes listening to politicians and pundits talk about countries like Iran and North Korea, and you walk away thinking the world is a scary place. But politicians have agendas, and pundits want viewers. They aren't always the most reliable sources, but they're usually the loudest.


The 5 Most Overused Jokes On the Internet

Comedic conventions that we all take for granted and use over and over again even though they've lost their humor years ago. Like 21st century rubber chickens and chattering teeth.