If Every Wish Backfired Horribly

How many times have you wished for something only to have some horrible misinterpretation of that wish granted in some horrible way? If you're Jim Carrey, or the star of a coming-of-age comedy, this happens to you all the time.

We asked you guys to play genie with Photoshop. The winner is below, but first the runners-up.


by skubasteevo


by Rebus


by Tuas


by AceJustice


by Sanchez


by Demmagog

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by Demmagog


by Dumb Dinosaur


by Tupper


by Bishopwhitet


by aggiemmj


by jerewhit


by jennz


by Hans_Solo


by Necbromancer


by rflowers


by ixnayer

And the winner is...

by Iniquity

Congrats, Iniquity. You win money.

Want in on this?

You'll have another chance. Your theme is:

The Horrible Secrets of Famous Cartoon Characters

Post your entries in the contest thread. Winner gets $50.

If you'd like to see the entries from this week that didn't make it, check here. Or, find out what 23 famous movie characters would be doing today. And for pictures too strange to make up, but not too strange to make fun of, check out The Daily Craption Contest.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know. ,

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