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Choose Your Drug-Fueled Misadventure: The Spy Who Huffed Me

Choose wisely. (Not like it matters.)


6 Tiny Mistakes That Caused Apocalyptic Explosions

Settle in and celebrate the fact that no matter how badly you've screwed up at work, you've probably never caused an explosion that destroyed half of a city.


5 Insane Cases of Imposters Passing for World Leaders

Looking like someone famous can lead to a lot of good things ... and lots of ridiculous, ridiculous things (including porn).


6 Stupid Things Pet Owners Need to Stop Doing Now

No matter how sad or depressing your life may be, it's always just a little bit better knowing you have a loyal pet by your side. But having that companion doesn't give you license to be an ass.


8 Insulting Ways People Act 'Irish' on St. Patrick's Day

On March 17, millions of people take the piss out of Ireland by taking the piss and every other bodily fluid out of themselves, as publicly as possible.


4 Bootleg Items Purchased on the Streets of NYC: A Review

I figured I'd explore some of the famously bootlegged items that the streets of NYC have to offer. I don't recommend this to anyone.


The 6 Worst Hiding Places in the History of Crime

We have to admit: We love us a good 'dumb criminal' story -- which is we're going to take a moment to celebrate these idiots.


5 People From History Who Were Absurdly Hard to Kill

As talents go, being hard to kill is not a bad one to have.


The 7 Most Obnoxious Fake Personalities on the Internet

When the only thing people can see is typing, you can get away with some outrageously fake characters, which might fool people. For a couple of paragraphs.


4 Hilariously Unexpected Feuds Between Fringe Groups

In the interest of understanding these communities and their crazy ideologies a little better, you have to first understand who they align themselves against, and in nearly every case, it's the people who share their convictions. I realize that's confusing, so let me show you what I mean.


The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube

If you follow the laws of physics, gravity causes an object to fall at 9.8 m/s2. But there is no law on the Internet.


5 Reasons Working for a Really Good Boss Sucks

Working for a living is a sucker's game, and I pity anyone who didn't have the good sense to be born independently wealthy. But the fact remains that at some point most of us will have a boss and, eight out of 10 times, he or she will be a complete prick.


Why Growing Hamburgers in a Lab Will Doom Us All

Last week, Dutch scientists provided the answer to a question nobody had asked when they announced the successful creation of laboratory-grown meat.