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6 Awful Realities Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld

I was finally reaping the benefits of my labors and working my dream job at SeaWorld Orlando, so I lived happily ever after. Or not.


How a Comedy Article Got Me Placed On the No-Fly List

'Hey, we just got a PHONE CALL from the SECRET SERVICE regarding Daniel O'Brien's article ...'


5 Reasons Flying a Fighter Jet Is Way Crazier Than 'Top Gun'

Before I was even able to tie my shoes, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. That's how I wound up spending most of the last decade training and flying the F/A-18 Super Hornet.


2 New Shirts for 'Despicable Me' and 'Voltron' Fans

Two new shirts debuting just in time for the sexiest season of all.


The 5 Most Realistic TV Show Families of All Time

I don't need a laugh track to relate to the families on cornball sitcoms. That's because every one of those shows has a kernel of realism to them if you look hard enough.


4 Scientific Reasons Doing the Wrong Thing Feels So Good

Being a dick is bad. That being said, some stuff that society has labeled 'evil' can have surprising upsides.


5 Great Ideas That America Should Steal from Other Countries

We're a young country, and we'd be smart to turn our eyes to the older and wiser members of the global community every now and then and take their advice.


5 Things I Didn't Know About Health Care (Until I Got Sick)

In 2011, I entered a period of ill health so terrible that I bankrupted a couple of insurance companies and caused an entire hospital to collapse in despair, killing hundreds.


5 Horrifying Ways an Ex Can Ruin Your Life With Nude Photos

Professor Annmarie Chiarini, Anisha Vora, and Dr. Holly Jacobs have a few things in common: They've all had explicit photos of themselves shared online, and they've all decided to do something about it.


New Shirt for Resident Evil Fans

Like some amoral, impossibly reckless pharmaceutical company with a t-Virus on its hands, we'd like to put you, the public, in charge of what actually spreads into the world.


The 6 Most Unexpectedly Awesome Party Hacks of All Time

Before you plan your next party, read on and make sure your good times are based on the most up-to-date party science.


6 Ways Life Is Different If You're Short and Male

Having been short for quite some time now, I've learned a few things I'd like to share with you,