It's easy to not give a second-thought to the food we eat or the non-spectacular items we use every day. But -- and don't act like you don't know where this is going -- it turns out a lot of things have fairly complicated, sort of mind-blowing processes behind how they're created.

To help illustrate our point, we asked our readers to shed some light on some of these processes. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Kittylouise

The Making of an Artificial Eye A mold is filled... ...set... ...and removed. The iris is hand painted, veins are drawn on and silk threads are added

Entry by GordonHaid

GRAGKEDCON A diamond iS one of the most beautiful objects in the world But, over In places like 1,400 lbs of Sierra Leone, that rock must be labor is

Entry by Scott Laffey

Sheep's intestines? Someone must be making haggis! Nope. Violin strings. The guts are soaked in salt water so they can be separated and spun into the

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