XJ Selman

Timely Quick Fix Researcher, Workshop Moderator and self-published writer.

My list of Quick Fixes (including those I only researched for) can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AowG1nxxx9zcdG9BeHJXOXktaUo2VG0tOF9PN0xYcmc#gid=0

You can check out my science fiction novella, Buried Hope, for $0.99 at Amazon.


And the second installment, Buried Hope II: Dirt Is Dead, here:


And the third installment, Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines, here:


I talk about it at xjselman.wordpress.com

Read my stuff, maybe someday I'll get big and you can go hipster and say, "I read XJ Selman before it was cool." Hipsters suck though, so maybe not. Not big like fat, but big like popular. I could do both though if you really wanted it, provided you pay for the spaghetti.

I'm open for any content writing or copy-editing work, and I'm pretty fast about it too. Contact me at xjselman@hotmail.com or visit my blog if you want more details. Or if you wish to yell at me. You're also free to sell it to a spam mail company.

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