Whether it's from movies or the media, we've all seen some just awesome places that we want to go visit. Unfortunately, it turns out our current reality can lend to some pretty depressing discoveries.

Like seeing those awesome places, minus all the magic that made them so alluring in the first place. We asked our readers to give us an update on some famous locations, and we gave money to the winning submission.

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED.COM CAR Wran nT HAND WASH Benitos Benito's Taco Shop in Los Angeles, which Was featured in the beginning of The Big Lebowski. has since been

Entry by thenascarguy

604 H. St NW. Washington, DC Mary Surratt Boarding House 1864: Perfect for planning 2015: Perfect for Lincoln's Assassination cheap Chinese food ckt t

Entry by Scott Laffey

In its heyday, Detroit's Pontiac Silverdome was home to the Lions and Pistons and even hosted WWF'S Wrestlemania III. After losing both teams to new v

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