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The 6 Most Ambitious Things Ever Done To Get Out Of Work

Everybody needs an occasional day off. But there's a right way to do take one, and an utterly dumb way to take one.


4 Creepy Unspoken Agreements We All Make With Public Places

We all agree to set aside certain faults and inconsistencies just as long as we can continue going to the places that make us happy. What kind of places do we have secret agreements with?


11 Baffling Single-Serving Products You Won't Believe Exist

Tyler Durden laments the single-serving world we live in, and it seems like it's worse than Chuck Palahniuk ever imagined.


4 Important Things Self-Help Books Are Too Nice to Tell You

Here are a few tips to dodge some of the more slippery cow patties on your path to success.


7 Insane Stories Behind the World's Weirdest Looking Towns

Humans are like a fungus growing on this great, big bathroom that God calls the world -- you stop paying attention for a few millennia, and that shit gets everywhere.


6 Insane Details of Corrupt Politics That Movies Get Wrong

We try to stay positive here at Cracked, but we're starting to suspect that the American political system is screwed.


5 Acts of Staggering Hypocrisy From Self-Righteous Critics

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8 'Sexy' Ads That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Be warned -- some of the following is probably NSFW, unless your workplace is either seriously chill or incredibly disturbing.


7 Things You Learn Surviving an Atomic Blast

We sat down with Shigeko Sasamori, a resident of Hiroshima who was 13 years old when she survived the first nuclear weapon ever dropped on a city. Here's what we learned.