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18 Terrifying Truths Only Select Insiders Know

Hi! How are you? Are you feeling great right now? You are? Awesome! Because we're about make you feel like absolute garbage!


4 Universally Hated Things (That Are Somehow Still Popular)

If we allow ourselves to hate uncritically, we might turn into people who just parrot jokes back and forth to each other without actually knowing what we're talking about.


6 Things I Learned Lying To Banks To Fix Your Credit

There is a very shady underground market of credit rating fixers. We spoke to a guy who has done that very job. He's choosing to remain anonymous, for reasons that will soon be abundantly clear.


6 Things Chefs Don't Want You to Know About Food Trucks

After doing a mountain of paperwork, any idiot can own a food truck. And any idiot can blow it sky-high.


19 Ways Americans Don't Realize Life in America Isn't Normal

There's some saying about pointing at people but you're really pointing at yourself or whatever -- point being that our shit stinks too. And sometimes worse.


7 Real Humans Who Survived Shockingly Violent Deaths

These people don't ever face mortality, because they're too busy giving it a wedgie and kicking its feet while it walks so it trips all over the place.


5 Bizarre Things You Only Learn About The US As An IRS Agent

Glee, terrorist attacks, and fake dead people. Just a day in the life at the IRS?


The 24 Most Mind-Blowing Photos Accidentally Taken By Google

Architects thought they were SO SMART until Google came along.


5 Iconic Symbols Designed To Have The Exact Opposite Meaning

Some of the most ubiquitous symbols in the world were originally created to represent the exact opposite of what they mean today.


5 Insane Realities At My Fundamentalist Christian College

When college students are sent to live at a Christian school where their every move is monitored, well, there is a certain potential for things to get weird.


5 Adorable Animals Who Are the Biggest Assholes on Earth

Turns out, dead-eyed, unfeeling psychopaths who only come alive when causing pain and sadness are as welcome in nature as trees, leaves, and water.


The 7 Creepiest Uses Of Technology In Human History

The beauty of a human face collection is in the eye of the beholder.


6 Ways Prison Is More Horrifying Than Movies Make It Look

We sat down with 'Stonewall,' who spent 15 years incarcerated for burglary and armed robbery. Here's what he had to say


5 Dangers Of Coming Out To Your Family (You Never See On TV)

Once you come out, your life could be just rainbows. Or you might instead end up penniless and alone with your whole life screwed beyond repair. That's what happened to 'Ron.' Here's his story