20 Awful Attempts To Make Advertisements Sexy

Some things just weren't meant to be sexy.
20 Awful Attempts To Make Advertisements Sexy

Some things just weren't meant to be sexy. But dammit, that didn't stop these people from trying. And wouldn't you know it? They proved that, yes, there are some things you just can't add a sexual twist to.

For example ...

20 Awful Attempts To Make Advertisements Sexy
Condomania wanted to make condoms super sexy. So they shrink-wrapped naked couples. Condomania teamed up with Japanese artist Photographer Hal, who
lcebreaker Sportswear wants you to buy merino wool clothing. So here is a naked woman riding a naked man with a ram's head. IT was part of a 2010 ad c
Renova calls itself the sexiest paper on earth. They're talking about toilet paper. So to back up that claim, their ads show a woman who just can't
Would you like to order some GOOse leg comfit with parsley? Goose log confit with parstey What if the goose were a furry? A print ad for Czech French
Naked Sweden wanted to sell some Sex toys. So they sexed up Santa Claus. Every detail of this 2009 ad is disturbing, from Santa's power-lifter abs to
PETA super doesn't want you to wear fur. So they photographed a model with a fright wig in her panties. The slogan was don't ruin your look with fur
Tulipan condoms say they're extra-thin. To sell them, they photoshopped scary human hybrids. The point seems to be that using their condoms is like ha
A German agency wanted to prevent animal cruelty. So they ran ads with a man getting castrated. In the TV spot, a sexy couple is in the bedroom and cl
Secondhand smoke is 100% not sexy. But Tipalet tried to convince people that it totally is. This 1969 print ad shows a man blowing cigarette smoke int
Giving toys to poor kids at Christmas should make you feel good. If it doesn't, there's Toys for Ta-Tas. The annual Toys for Ta-Tas charity drive take
The creator of Bayonetta wanted the fight scenes to be sexy. So Bayonetta gets naked as she fights. Bayonetta is a beautiful, sexy video game hero who
The Mayhew Animal Home wanted people to fix their pets. ANT PUSSY? Wild Thing!! Tomcat with RAGING HORMO1 pupreprfect Who Knows lover Where I've Been?
Some people love to help the rainforests. Here's a group that takes that literally. They're called Fuck For Forest, and they're a non-profit ecologica
What makes women want to buy shoes? Hot jockstrap mansex! -Patrick Cox Shoes In this UK ad, a female spectator watches as one jockstrap- wearing greas
Metal Gear Solid V could have put clothes on Quiet the sniper. Instead, her creator made up an insane condition. Quiet goes around dressed in panties,
20 Awful Attempts To Make Advertisements Sexy
Fishlove wanted to save tuna from extinction. So they had celebrities pose naked with dead fish. Fishlove is a U.K. group that really wanted to warn p
StopAIDS! is a Japanese charity to raise AIDS awareness. And they raised funds by selling feel-ups. The fundraising event, which translated roughly to
20 Awful Attempts To Make Advertisements Sexy
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