15 Weird Differences Between News Stories About Men & Women

For every step forward we take, the media loves to bring us 10 steps back.
15 Weird Differences Between News Stories About Men & Women

We aren't exactly sure when the news media went tits up, but at some recent point in time, it went from helping pave the way for society to progress forward to doing everything it can to pull us backward. And nowhere is this more evident than when the news covers a story that involves anyone that isn't a straight, white man.

For example ...

COND PADAR & SA THD SATELLITE y02 Angeles THE 609 VALE Female and male weather forecasters: can you spot the difference? URE MOVEMENT LOCATION ERATURE
CRACKEDCON HILLARY CLINTON WINS NOMINATION! Clinton nomination secures in bid tic historic residential panty's moment atop major first woman for unit
COVERAGE OF THE 2016 OLYMPIC SWIMMERS HEADLINE: Michael Phelps ties for silver in 100m 02016 Butterfly FURTHER DOWN IN THE SAME ARTICLE: Katie Ledec
Donald Trump Promises Accounting Of Veteran Donations Trump Promises to Deliver on Child Care and Paid Leave Just your run#ofthe=mill election new
Articles talking about rising tennis players: Male V$ female. Male Headline: PREDICTING THE TOP 10 MEN'S TENNIS PLAYERS AT THE END OF 2017 Picture:
ACTUAL HEADLINES ABOUT SPOUSES WHO ARE BOTH SPORT STARS eas 960, Chicago Bears re-sign Corey Cogdell, wife of defensive lineman Bears lineman Mitch Mi
ACTUAL HEADLINES MALE STREAKER Why streaking isn't a laughing matter 000 Hitting him where it hurts! ROCK 'Someone stop that man': :NFLcommentator's s
GAWKER REACTING TO NUDE LEAKS... Behind Every A Judge Told Us to Bullied Woman Is a Take Down Our Hulk Man Velling About Hogan Sex Tape Free Speech
Here are the headlines of two articles talling about swimmers who made it to the 2016 Olympics in Rio: Super mom Dana Vollmer headed to Rio 15 months
15 Weird Differences Between News Stories About Men & Women
S The Sun Follow TheSun Woman 'drank six Jagerbombs in ten minutes on the night she was raped and murdered' thesun.uk/6016BIPOu Man killed outside Bat
POST-GRAMMYS COVERAGE Bruno Mars, The Time Gave A Show Stopping Tribute For Prince At The 2017 Grammys Pregnant Beyonce and Solange Post- Grammys O
Republican Primary Debates Ted Cruz Shines Fiery Fiorina steals show at presidential debate When a man did well, When a woman did well, the headli
How journalists cover celebrities' movie premiere attendance. B Female celebrity Emma Watson flashes cleavage at NY premiere of Beauty And The Beast
Both Hillary and Bill Clinton made important speeches in a span of a couple of days. But the headlines were drastically different. Bill Clinton Resur

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