How To Be A Terrible Girl/Boyfriend, In 28 Steps

How To Be A Terrible Girl/Boyfriend, In 28 Steps

Ah, love. It makes us feel all warm and mushy in our hearts and in our pants. And it also makes us remember all the super awkward ways we self-sabotaged relationships in our more formative years.

For example ...

Entry by okojemiako

He wants to know what I'm attracted to. Better be honest and include the physical traits he doesn't have. CRACKED COM

Entry by Lolly~

CRACKED c COM IT'S BeeN an Hour siNCE / messaged you. COUC WHO are You CHeATING on me WITH? eue

Entry by LilySprite

I'm scared I'll say something stupid and embarrass myself... instead of risking it, I'll just sit quietly and be a really boring date. CRACKED COM

Entry by okojemiako

CRACKEDCON I'll tell him his brother is cute... in an attempt to indirecthy compliment his own similar looks.

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