15 Things Created As Revenge

15 Things Created As Revenge

Growing up, we're taught that things like "pettiness" and "vengeance" are for bad people. But if those traits are reserved for those types of individuals, then some pretty bad people have come up with some pretty awesome shit.

Of course it helps when you are a megawatt star, a famous artist or an incredibly talented and successful director. There are some real wild tales in here though.  Though, what’s truly impressive is the sheer length of time some of these people are able to hold grudges and formulate plots for ironic and tasteful revenge. Maybe more heartwarming is the fact that a little adversity can motivate such incredible feats.  

We have to wonder what would have become of the cast of Freaks and Geeks if the show hadn’t tanked originally. Pro tip: it’s probably a bad idea to mess with the writers room from the golden age of the Simpsons.

For example ...

Entry by AM Smiley

A producer insisted on the cheesy ending of Nightmare on Elm Street. So THE DIRECTOR PUT HIM IN FULL BONDAGE GEAR. Writer/director Wes Craven had plan

Entry by AM Smiley

Leo Dicaprio got violently sick while filming The Wolf Of Wall Street. IT WAS JONAH HILL'S REVENGE FOR THE BEATINGS. DiCaprio thought it'd be hilariou

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