21 Perfectly Legal Dick Moves, Thanks To Copyright Laws

You never know how petty someone is until they take you to court.
21 Perfectly Legal Dick Moves, Thanks To Copyright Laws

If you ever want to realize just how much pettiness pollutes mankind, all you have to do is take a look at our legal system. Specifically, the area surrounding copyright law -- which is apparently a black hole that sucks in spite and rejects everything good about humanity.

CRACKEDCON In 2011, Apple Inc. tried to block the small German cafe Apfelkind from trademarking a logo just because it depicted an apple. apfelkind Ap
MARVEL AND DC COMICS ARE TRYING TO TRADEMARK THE WORD SUPERHERO. The comic book giants sued Graham Jules, a British entrepreneur, because the title
CRACKEDco The Fine Bros, known for their reaction videos on YouTube, attempted to trade- mark the word 'REACT' and reaction videos. They offered conte
DOMONSTER Monster, an audio equipment company, has sued multiple companies (despite being completely unrelated to their business) for their use of the
SPANISH HAIRDRESSERS ARE TAXED FOR PLAYING THE RADIO la porto SOC viaiis p fachion!!! mes The SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) levies a t
Apparently T.-Mobile owns the color magenta. F -Mobile- I I After being sued by T-Mobile in 2013, Aio Wireless, an AT&T subsidiary, was forbidden from
BREATHE ICANT During the controversy surrounding Eric Garner's death due to excessive police force, a woman attempted to trademark his last words, I
Gerber, a giant company specializing in baby products, has been going after small Etsy or eBay shops which sell home-made onesies. Why? Apparently One
FOX NEWS sued comedian Al Franken for using the phrase Fair and Balanced, their catchphrase, in the title of his book, because it might confuse peop
SONY BOUGHT A LICENSE TO STOCK FOOTAGE... THEN THEY DENIED THE CRAGN SELLER'S COPYRIGHT. Two months after licensing stock footage from photographer Mi
CRACKEDCON In December 1997, Starbucks warned other coffee companies that calling their holiday coffee Christmas Blend was a violation of Starbucks'
21 Perfectly Legal Dick Moves, Thanks To Copyright Laws
DISNEY GRACKED tried to trademark SEAL TEAM SIX. Only 2 days after SEAL Team Six famously killed Osama bin Laden, Disney filed a trademark applicati
Meet Tim Langdell. He founded the software company Edge Games in 1990 and trademarked the word, Edge. Despite not having made any games for years, L
Author Isabella Tanibumi attempted to sue Disney for ripping off her life story in the 2013 hit film 'Frozen'. She claimed that the film is similar to
Former South Dakota lawmaker TED KLAUDT convicted of raping two foster daughters, tried to stop news outlets from reporting on his crimes by copyright
When King Digital Cand Entertainment published Candy Crush Saga in 2012, the independent developer behind the 2010 game CandySwipe believed King rippe
Back in the heyday THE of the show, APPRENTICE Donald Trump attempted to gain exclusive rights to the phrase: You're fired! This is so the rights to
Universal Studios sued Nintendo when they released Donkey Kong, stating his resemblance to King Kong infringed on their copyright. crAh Universal igno
PETA sued photographer David J. Slater for publishing this photo. Naruto, the now famous monkey, had picked up the camera from where the photographer

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