If you ever want to realize just how much pettiness pollutes mankind, all you have to do is take a look at our legal system. Specifically, the area surrounding copyright law -- which is apparently a black hole that sucks in spite and rejects everything good about humanity.

Entry by Maclise

FOX NEWS sued comedian Al Franken for using the phrase Fair and Balanced, their catchphrase, in the title of his book, because it might confuse peop

Entry by JoeX111

Meet Tim Langdell. He founded the software company Edge Games in 1990 and trademarked the word, Edge. Despite not having made any games for years, L

Entry by Andrea Meno

When King Digital Cand Entertainment published Candy Crush Saga in 2012, the independent developer behind the 2010 game CandySwipe believed King rippe

Entry by milito

PETA sued photographer David J. Slater for publishing this photo. Naruto, the now famous monkey, had picked up the camera from where the photographer

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