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It turns out there are all sorts of previously unseen worlds which science is now opening up to us for the first time, and some of them are weird as hell.


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Even after an immigrant has entered Texas via Mexico, their journey still isn't over. Sanctuaries like Immaculate House are just one part of that journey.


22 Clothing Hacks They Should Have Taught You In School

Every jean expert knows you don't actually have to wash your jeans unless you spill your nachos all over them.


4 Things Everyone With Sleep Apnea Should Understand

Ever since my doctor's encouraging diagnosis that I was a living heart attack, I've been trying to find ways to fix my sleep apnea.


14 Ways The Future Will Look Down Upon Today's Society

Aliens probably haven't touched down on earth because they think we're a planet full of six billion bigots.


18 People Who Are Incredible At Everyday Jobs

Cotton candy is no joke in China.


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'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' was basically a documentary.


22 Angles That Will Change How You See Famous Things Forever

It turns out that for every perfectly angled shot of a famous location, there's most definitely at least one angle that reveals the whole, unflattering truth.


5 Weird Realities Of Growing Up With 'Illegal' Parents

Like millions of other kids under deferred action, I was brought to the US at the age of two. And even with protection from deportation, the path of permanent legal status continues to be a nightmarish, unfinished road.


6 Problems Hitler Would Face If He Had A Time Machine

The first thing Hitler would do with a time machine would be to have sex with his own grandmother.


5 Kidnappings You Had No Idea Were F'd-Up Nuts

It's no secret that politicians are more prone to kidnappings than most people, but at least you'd expect that they'd catch a break when they die. Not so for Honest Abe.


The 5 Weirdest Disappearances No One Can Explain

Sometimes people go missing so hard that it's like Doc and Marty jacked up the time stream and erased them entirely from the fabric of existence.


I've Got Narcolepsy: 6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About It

You know that moment when the alarm goes off and all you can think is


5 Reasons Most Lifehacks Are Actually Totally Useless

Because how-to guides and lifehacks are popular, the Internet keeps demanding they get cranked out. Which gives you a big hint what the first problem is.


The 6 Most WTF Military Weapons Anyone Was Ever Killed By

If the enemy is prepared for every non-stupid contingency, that means you have only one option left. And many times, the stupid option works.