27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses

It's not just the Illuminati, hiding symbols everywhere.
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses

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Artists and designers are next-level tricky. They're always sneaking subtle, hidden images into logos, buildings, products, and other things we bump into in the real world literally every day.

Which is great news if you're a fan of Easter eggs, because you don't have to dive into entertainment to find them. These hidden symbols are literally a glance away.

27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
The 1978 Halloween poster features a hidden screaming face. HALLOWEEN The Night He Came Home!
Ever noticed the bear in the Toblerone logo? It's a tribute to the city of Bern, known as the 'City of Bears', where Toblerone was invented. TOBLERONE
CRACKED COM The green L in Google's logo tells you that the company is a rebel. Google Ruth Kedar, the designer of the iconic logo, deliberately added
G The George O Washington IWI Colonials logo... ...contains the Washington monument. CRAGKEDCONT
The U.S. CYBER COMMAND cyber STATES Command emblem contains X a hidden code. When cracked, the 32 character string translates into the unit's (lengthy
CRACKEIDOON le Touo de france The Tour de France logo hides a cyclist on a bike. Le See it now? The yellow circle isn't OC just there for the bicycle
Not only does the arrow under the Amazon logo look like a smile, but also it emphasizes that the company carries everything from A to Z. amazon CRACKE
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
If the Quiksilver logo ever seemed weirdly familiar... benfco*e SRN- 52 ...it might be because it's a depiction of the famous Japanese woodcut, The Gr
Ubuntu's logo features a circle of three friends holding each other's hands. The name Ubuntu comes from a South African humanist philosophy, which t
You might think that Hyundai's logo is simply a stylized 'H.' It actually represents two people, the company and the customer, shaking hands. CRACKED
The gold and blue swishes around Dairy Queen's symmetrical ellipse LIZZARD o0r represents the food it serves. DQ The gold signifies the hot foods and
The smiley face of the Goodwill Industries logo DODWI 9 BOY'S GOODil is also the CRACKED COM g in the beginning of the nonprofit company's name.
See the fold in the elephant's ear, in the Evernote logo? EVERNOTE GIRL 45 fe. But Ai Id Ps ng W X It's an allusion to dog-eared books and to the def
The six stars in the Subaru logo represent a cluster of stars in the Taurus constellation. Known to astronomers as the Pleiades, Japanese call them S
CRACKEDco The Mitsubishi logo combines the founder's family crest with the crest of his first employer, the Tosa Clan. Family's Crest Employer's crest
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
Airbnb's logo is called 'The Belo. It's meant to represent people, a location icon, a heart, and the letter A. + + + airbnb It symbolizes a sense of
oili.ili. CISCO The Cisco logo is actually the Golden Gate Bridge, which represents connectivity. CRACKEDCO COM
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
Many cathedrals have a cruciform plan; that is, if CRACN you see them from above (as God would), they look like a cross. Washington National Chartres
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
CRAGKEDO THE BRONX Z0O Between the giraffe legs in the logo of the Bronx Zoo, is New York's iconic skyline from the point of view of a park in the Bro
27 Real-World Easter Eggs Under Our Noses
According to Elon Musk, the Tesla T logo is part of a cross section of an electric TISLA motor. Mhn CRACKED COM
The logo for the film, Ready Player One, CRACKEDo RE2DY PLOSER ONE is a maze. REpY PLASER ONE
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