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Like most sane people, you've probably concluded that the world around us is completely random. Welp, hold that thought. Because it turns out the real world is full of the kind of coincidences you'd dismiss as bad writing if you saw them in a movie.

Coincidences like ...

Entry by Sksmith

Rome's mythical founder was named Romulus. The last emperor before Rome's fall was Romulus Augustus. Augustus was also the first emperor's name, by th

Entry by bohemian

Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler rose to power 129 years apart. They both attacked Russia (and failed) 129 years apart. They were defeated 129 year

Entry by MrWilson

John Parr was the first British soldier killed in World War I. George Ellison was the last. L/14196 PRIVATE J. PARR 112543 PRIVATE MIDDLESEX REGIMENT

Entry by Lunachick71

In 1937, a baby fell from a fourth-story window and landed on Joseph Figlock. Street Worker Hit in Plunge of Child Twice Victim in Odd Type of Acciden

Entry by ditmarscage

While preparing to film The Girl from Petrovka, Anthony Hopkins couldn't find a copy of the book anywhere. Then he found one abandoned on a bench. Som

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