26 Problem-Solving Tips That Just Make The Problem Worse

26 Problem-Solving Tips That Just Make The Problem Worse

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Hey, guess what? All that stuff you do that you think makes you healthier or makes the planet better or makes puppies and kittens dance a salsa together? None of it works!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's probably in your best interest to hear the truth. We looked into some things you do all the time to see how effective they really are. Here's what we found out:

Entry by MaryLP

Keeping your child away from sugar so she's not bouncing off the walls? It won't help. Limiting sugar intake is a good idea for a few other reasons, b

Entry by lillielil

Did grandma teach you to rinse your chicken? Because it's a terrible idea. Washing raw poultry won't kill any pathogens, but it will increase your ris

Entry by Comunacho

Crib bumper pads won't protect your baby. They can actually cause him harm. Experts recommend not using them, as they have no benefits and increase th
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