26 Problem-Solving Tips That Just Make The Problem Worse

Literally none of this stuff is helping.
26 Problem-Solving Tips That Just Make The Problem Worse

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Hey, guess what? All that stuff you do that you think makes you healthier or makes the planet better or makes puppies and kittens dance a salsa together? None of it works!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's probably in your best interest to hear the truth. We looked into some things you do all the time to see how effective they really are. Here's what we found out:

Everybody blew into their Nintendo cartridges when the game wouldn't load. Too bad doing that fixed nothing. GAIJKEMNOPORC DEF GAIKIMNO CIJKIMNDPI Not
Letting your car idle in the cold So it can warm Up is a good thing, right? It's actually worse for your engine. Letting your car idle can wash away t
Convinced those toilet seat liners protect your butt from germs? They're basically useless. They may provide a bit of comfort, but covers don't stop g
People who commute to work to make a better life for themselves just end up miserable. People who travel long distances, even for a better house or sa
Keeping your child away from sugar so she's not bouncing off the walls? It won't help. Limiting sugar intake is a good idea for a few other reasons, b
Do you stretch before you begin working out? It could be counterproductive. Light exercises are a better way to warm up, as static stretches (where yo
That air freshener sure does make the room smell pretty. Too bad it's also making the air toxic. Many contain phthalates, chemicals that have been lin
That pricey anti-aging cream won't take years off of your skin. Despite their fancy claims about resetting the clock, those products do nothing more
Swear by those windshield shades to keep your car cool? They don't do much. Reflective sun shades only lower interior temperatures an average of about
Feel like sleeping for five more minutes will make you more ready to rise? It'll screw up your body's natural wake-up process. Disrupting 11 12 1 2 th
Were you taught to make your bed every morning? You're basically creating a dust mite hotel. Mites thrive in warm, damp places. Leaving your bed messy
Think it helps to vent all of your anger? Nope. Venting doesn't change the thing that made you mad, and most often will just make the situation worse.
Don't bother trying to wipe the sweat off your brow. It's just going to make you sweatier. It needs to evaporate naturally to serve its purpose of coo
Should you blow your nose full force SO you breathe better? It's not the best idea. The congestion you're feeling is probably swollen blood vessels, n
Going organic to avoid pesticides? Too bad they still allow them. Organic guidelines allow biopesticides like abamectin and pyrethrum, which may be mo
Did grandma teach you to rinse your chicken? Because it's a terrible idea. Washing raw poultry won't kill any pathogens, but it will increase your ris
Do you wash your eggs before you put them in the fridge? Don't. Removing eggs' natural coating can cause them to spoil quicker, and can even promote t
Trying to save the planet by reusing old water bottles? Watch out, that can make you sick. Repeated washings can break down the plastic, creating tiny
Crib bumper pads won't protect your baby. They can actually cause him harm. Experts recommend not using them, as they have no benefits and increase th
Like those automatic toilet bowl cleaners? You shouldn't. They're generally ineffective, can stain your bowl, and will make Fido sick if he tries to d
Bike helmets would make your ride safer, if not for those pesky car drivers. A study showed drivers will typically drive closer to a helmeted cyclist
Isn't hand sanitizer the best way to keep your hands germ-free? They're less effective than you'd think. Regular hand washing with soap and warm water
The taurine in your energy Seve chilled. Corbonated. drink is really giving you a boost! Red Bull Except it isn't The only boost you're getting is ENE
Daily shampooing will keep your hair healthy, right? Washing every day can actually be harmful. Shampooing too often can strip normal hair of sebum, t
GROUP BRAINSTORMING ON THAT TOUGH PROBLEM? You're better off tackling it as individuals. Studies say coming up with solutions independently and then s
Shouting at your dog to make her stop barking? Animal behaviorists say she's likely going to bark more. Dogs don't speak English! They may think you'r
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