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The human body is weird, that's an undisputed fact. The thing is, a surprising number of our bodies are even weirder than the rest. There are tons of neat, quirky physical things that only some of us can do.

Props to TasteisSweet, for doing that crazy leg-twitchy thing that inspired this contest.

Entry by Karin Coburn

synesthesia The phenomenon when a person hear can colors or taste music. Fun Facts: - The majority of the people who experience synesthesia are women,

Entry by Andrea Meno

The children of Thailand's Moken tribes are the only people who have perfect cRAGh undersea vision without any side effects. Any child can learn to se

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Reverse-slope hearing loss is a hereditary inability to hear low-frequency sounds. Some people have it and don't realize they hear differently from ot

Entry by PookieJones

About 12% of women can see 99 million colors more than the average human. Ordinarily, people have three retina cones, but women with a condition calle

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