21 Strange Things Some People Can Do With Their Bodies

Tongue-rolling isn't the only thing just some of us can do.
21 Strange Things Some People Can Do With Their Bodies

The human body is weird, that's an undisputed fact. The thing is, a surprising number of our bodies are even weirder than the rest. There are tons of neat, quirky physical things that only some of us can do.  For example, twelve percent of women can actually see 99 Millions (!) more colors than the rest of us, but that's not something you can try. However, rolling your tongue or moving your ears is definitely something you can and will try in the next few minutes (trust us, no point to resist), so before you scroll down make sure nobody is watching because it very likely that you're about to make some silly faces and even sing something from a musical. 


Props to TasteisSweet, for doing that crazy leg-twitchy thing that inspired this contest.

21 Strange Things Some People Can Do With Their Bodies
Around one-third Of people can bend their thumbs backward. The condition is called 'Hitchhiker's Thumb,' and it's genetic. In most cases, Hitchhiker's
Only 14% of Americans have perfect pitch, the ability to sing any musical notes at will. But it helps if you speak Mandarin. According to research led
Only 8% of the adult population has super flexible chimp-like feet.
Some people can make a roaring noise in their head by tensing their jaws or ears. There's a small muscle in your ear, called the tensor tympani, that
synesthesia The phenomenon when a person hear can colors or taste music. Fun Facts: - The majority of the people who experience synesthesia are women,
It's estimated that around 5% of the population will never experience a headache.
Some people can recall everything as clearly as they can recall yesterday THE SAT EVENINGOST DAY Jill Price, the first person diagnosed with HSAM For
According to a study, only about 1% of people in the world are ambidextrous. CRACKED
To some, cilantro can taste like soap. Cilantro has a chemical found as a byproduct in soapmaking, but only about 4-14% of the population have genes t
About one fifth of the population can move their ears. 22% can move one ear at once, and 18% can move both ears at once. People who do this can use we
The children of Thailand's Moken tribes are the only people who have perfect cRAGh undersea vision without any side effects. Any child can learn to se
While looking around, some people can hear their eyeballs rub against the muscles in their sockets. This condition is called superior canal dehiscence
Whenever you clasp your hand involuntarily, you will show a preference of your right thumb crossing over your left one or vice versa. Only 1% of peopl
Reverse-slope hearing loss is a hereditary inability to hear low-frequency sounds. Some people have it and don't realize they hear differently from ot
Some people can curl their tongue into a cloverleafshape And apparently, it's a really rare ability. Two studies about it were published. A study of 1
Sure, Fido can do it, but did you know only 8%-10% of humans can touch their nose with their tongue? This phenomenon even has a name, it is called Gor
Experiencing goosebumps while listening to music or feeling cold) is But researcher a very normal James Heathers occurrence, has found at least but it
CRACKEDGON Between 18 to 35 percent of people have a photic sneeze reflex, meaning they can induce sneezing by looking at bright lights.
In a 1948 study of adult men attempting auto- fellatio, biologist Alfred Kinsey found that two or three in a thousand are able to achieve the objecti
About 12% of women can see 99 million colors more than the average human. Ordinarily, people have three retina cones, but women with a condition calle
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