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24 Promotional Strategies That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

Airlines aren't very good at this whole 'business' thing.


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Agadez, Niger is a city that runs on trafficking human beings, and business is booming.


5 Mysteries About Space That Might Have Horrifying Answers

Solar flares won't destroy us, just our internet. So, scratch that, solar flares will destroy us.


5 Silly Ideas That Actually Solved Serious Problems

Using arm wrestling to dictate the terms of a business agreement is simultaneously one of the most badass and most poorly conceived legal agreements in history.


6 Insane Ways Adults Have Tried To Ruin Children's Stuff

This is how you get people on Twitter asking to be fisted by Tony the Tiger.


5 Things You See Notifying The Families Of Dead Soldiers

Chances are you've never stopped to think about the guy whose job it is to deliver the worst news possible to family after family. Those guys are known as Casualty Notification Officers, and we interviewed one who served during the Iraq War.


Famous Brands You Won't Believe Have Insane Secret Divisions

Some famous companies out there that took a leap into a wildly different industry ... and shattered both ankles once they slammed into the cold, hard ground of reality.


My Pregnancy Tried To Kill Me: 6 Insane Realities

Hey, internet! Let's talk about reproductive rights! Whoa, you have torches and pitchforks out already?


5 Secretly Bizarre Sections Of Websites You Use Every Day

If you have a child at home, immediately go block WikiHow on their computer.


5 Things You Did That Forced Me To Ruin Your Wedding

Sorry for cold-cocking the best man in the jaw, sorry for burning the entire venue to the ground, and sorry for getting all of us -- particularly you newlyweds -- arrested.


5 Reasons Stealing Is One Of The Worst Addictions Possible

It turns out there are lots of people out there who compulsively steal stuff they can't even use, and even they don't know why.


Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes

These people went above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday lives just because it was the right thing to do.


Accidental Game Glitches Funnier Than Most Intentional Jokes

Warning: There's a lot of peeing in this article.


4 Historical Elections That Prove We're All Petty Morons

Teddy Roosevelt announced his candidacy as part of the newly formed Bull-Moose Party, named after two of the many animals that were terrified of him.