Siren From 'The Purge' Blared In Louisiana

We're basically living in a horror movie at this point.
Siren From 'The Purge' Blared In Louisiana

It already feels like we're living in a horror movie, what with the streets being ghostly empty and all of society isolated to their homes, but imagine how terrified you'd be if you heard this going off right now?

That's the Siren from The Purge and it's the sound the residents of Crowley, Louisiana heard last night to notify them of the start of their coronavirus-enforced curfew. Fortunately, no one took to the streets for some government-mandated chaos and murder, but considering the mixed-signals of the current moment, you'd be hard-pressed to blame them if they tried.

The Crawley Police Chief, Jimmy Broussard, issued an apology saying he was unaware the siren being used was from one of the most popular horror franchises currently around, and that officers would no longer use it going forward. So if you're reading this Chief Jimmy Broussard, you're in luck, because we have some suggestions for you to replace your old sound

Perhaps blasting the theme from Jaws over a loudspeaker will make your citizens feel at ease?

Or what about announcing the start of your curfew with a compilation of Emperor Palpatine's laugh?

Oh, we got it! Nothing quiets the mind and settles the soul quite like the unmitigated screeching of the Xenomorphs from Alien.

But, if you're really looking for something that will quickly clear people from the streets, might we suggest this:

Anyway, sleep tight Crawley, Louisiana because you can rest assured your local law enforcement now has everything under control. And, don't worry; because with the way we're handling Coronavirus nationally, we won't need to use an actual Purge siren for at least another two weeks.

Top Image: Universal Pictures

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