Zookeepers Elect To Ride This Out At The Zoo

A zoo is the best possible place to ride out what could potentially be the next few months.
Zookeepers Elect To Ride This Out At The Zoo

A lot of us are starting getting fed up with the people we're stuck at home with -- and if they don't stop clipping their damn nails in the kitchen, "safer at home" is about to become an inaccurate statement. On a positive note, there has been an uptick in people fostering animals during this pandemic, because A) it's a good thing to do anyway and B) it's nice to have another living thing around that loves you pretty much unconditionally and won't eat your Isolation-Doritos. One of the reasons fostering was such a necessity recently is because it's not a great idea to get animal shelter volunteers all congregated around a bunch of animals who, let's face it, aren't exactly proud users of hand sanitizer.

There's also the next level up: Zoos. Filled with hundreds of more animals than your local shelter (But somehow less than whatever is making all that noise in your neighbor's apartment), all of which have specific dietary and veterinary needs, zoos requires much more than just your friend Kendall taking a few dogs for a walk on a Saturday morning. So over at Paradise Park in Cornwall, UK, they've come up with a pretty great solution -- four zookeepers, Izzy, Emily, Layla, and Sarah-Jane are just gonna ride this whole thing out by living at the zoo.

They're still taking regular care of the animals, as other zookeepers come in for smaller work shifts to help out. But look how much fun they're having!

It's also a very bird-centric zoo, which probably makes living there much better than a zoo filled with bigger animals that require a lot more care (and cleanup). If you had to pick a place to spend a global pandemic, there are way worse ones to be than A) the presence of animals, B) which you're getting paid to take care of, C) with room to walk and exercise and stay busy, and D) plenty of room to keep flying toenail clippings from landing in your mac-n-cheese. Sign us up, honestly.

Top Image: Ingrid Taylar/Wiki Commons

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