What Ungodly Creation Is The Pontiac Aztec Trans Am?

A Pontiac Aztec crossed with a Firebird Trans Am might be the only car crossover befitting of our time.
What Ungodly Creation Is The Pontiac Aztec Trans Am?

If you remember the Pontiac Aztec, a midsized cross-over from the early 2000's, it's probably due to its legacy of being one of the ugliest cars of all time. (If not from that, then you'll remember it as the car belonging to Walter White.) But in an era of extreme makeovers and too much time on our hands, even the ugliest of cars deserves a chance. That could explain why Abimelec Arellano of Abimelec Design decided to cross the Pontiac Aztec with, oh god, a Firebird Trans Am.

While somewhere the ghost of Steve McQueen might be plotting his vengeance, the finished product doesn't actually look horrible. I mean it is extremely kitschy. From the screaming chicken decal to the gold plated rims, everything about this car signals in big flashing neon lights "I'm a dad from Idaho." But that's also part of the charm. Even Hell Raisers can be on a budget and we have to think driving around in one of these bad boys is a better use of your midlife crisis than getting that giant phoenix tattoo on your back.

This isn't Abimelec's first experiment with the Pontiac Aztec either. Here it is reimagined as an off-road utility vehicle.

And while this iteration looks like the starter Pokemon evolution of the world's ugliest hummer, we applaud the attempt and look forward to future Pontiac Aztec crossovers.

Perhaps we'll get a Pontiac Aztec Delorean that can travel back in time. Or maybe we'll get a Pontiac Aztec Batmobile that will vanquish Batman's foes with second-hand embarrassment. The mind reels at the possibilities, but if there is one thing we've learned from witnessing the reimagined Pontiac Aztec it is this: The ultimate chasis is humility.

Top Image: Alexander Migl/Wiki Commons

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