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Great pop culture franchises are founded on stories so amazing, we want to come back to them again and again. Unfortunately the writers can't always knock it out of the park, and we end up with really awful moments that are entombed in our favorite shows and movies forever.

For example ...

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKEDcO JURASSIC PARK Best: Alan Grant sees living dinosaurs, for the first time. JURASSI PARK Worst: Alan has a nightmare where he sees a velocirap

Entry by masta_X

BEST, MOMENT. HANGOVER THE A fun cameo appearance by Mike Tyson as the owner of the tiger. WORSTMOMENT. HANGWVER THE PART II An unnecessary cameo appe

Entry by Kevin King

The Best And Worst Moments From Iconic Movies & Shows

Entry by Hildifons

In the first movie, the Terminator was an unnerving, unrelenting, badass killing machine CST-IOL By the third one, he had become Elton John

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