The "aughts" brought dudes the "faux-hawk," the 2010s brought them the "man-bun," and 2020 has brought "the corona clip." What is the corona clip you ask? It's follicle failure, as many men are choosing to cut their hair by themselves for the first time in their lives. The results are messy to say the least, and we don't mean "messy" like you just rolled out of bed but still look normal. We mean this:

These monstrosities were inevitable in the wake of this pandemic, much like Frankenstein's monster was inevitable in the wake of a lonely scientist and his weird assistant being cooped up in a castle together for too long. But thankfully these terrors are merely follicle deep, and the creators don't seem to mind us having a good laugh at their expense.

Look, we're not saying our hairstyles are any better right now. I've resigned myself to growing out my hair until it entwines with the couch fibers from which I write these articles. It's either that or risk gouging into my neck with an old pair of clippers. So, my dudes, if you have the tools and the guts, get your corona cut on because even if you don't end up with a barbershop line up it'll at least be funny for everyone else.

Top Image: moritz320/Pixabay

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