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This world of ours can be a terrible and hateful place. But there's something we can do to combat that toxicity: Mock it hilariously.


5 Things You Learn Helping Rich College Kids Cheat (For Pay)

Note: If you get caught doing this shit, you'll get kicked out of school. Do not take any of this as a recommendation.


6 Insane True Stories Of Famous Things Invented In Dreams

These people not only managed to remember their dreams for more than five seconds after waking up, but actually used them to change their lives.


The 5 Greatest Pieces Of Fanfiction Ever Written

I don't want to spoil anything, but you might want to read this in a location where you can be private and pants-free.


6 Animals That Get High More Than Humanity's Biggest Stoners

Yes, animals like to get just as recreationally wasted as us humans do. Sometimes, even more so.


5 Insane True Stories Of Buying The House From Hell

I've worked in the home improvement industry for over a decade, and as a result of that, I will never own my own house. I've seen too many folks left with their asses hanging in the breeze.


7 Classic Children's Books With Shockingly Dark Backstories

It turns out it was the private and horrific torments of total strangers that taught you the joys of imagination.


5 Things You Learn Professionally Squatting In AWarehouse

All over the world you'll find a different kind of squatter community, involving hundreds of people -- often artists -- who live their lives outside the direct control of the law. We visited a couple to see what it's like.


6 Bizarre Wardrobe Life Hacks That Science Says Work

Clothing does more amazing things than just cover shameful torsos and pendulous genitals.


4 Uncomfortable Taboos Every Couple Fights About Eventually

A real relationship full of shared bills and wasted hours flicking through Netflix only to watch regular TV instead because nothing's on. These arguments are pretty much inevitable.


5 Things I Learned Slaughtering Millions Of Chickens

We spoke to Sam, a supervisor at a large-scale chicken farm, about how they manage to kill and package millions of birds a week. Here's what we learned.


5 Weirdly Stressful Aspects of America's Sneaker Obsession

If you've ever wondered how shoes came to be such a huge obsession with the youth of this nation and, more importantly, why it stresses people out as much as it does, I have the answers.