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6 Techniques For Self-Motivation (When You Don't Want To)

If you're having trouble doing the dishes, consider hiring a lawyer to give you a chocolate only when you finish.


6 Corrupt Police Forces That Didn't Even Pretend to Give A F

Corrupt law enforcement is nothing new. Quite a few cops have been dragging their asses way over the thin blue line since time immemorial.


6 World-Changing Ideas Ignored For Stupid Reasons

Everything takes a back seat to beer.


4 Realities When You Wear Your Fetish Under Your Clothes

Welcome to the world of 'adult babies,' where people dress like babies, act like babies, and joyfully poop themselves like babies.


Realities Of Being A Gay Phone Sex Operator (Who's Straight)

Yes, phone-sex is still a thing because tradition is important, even when you're masturbating.


Horrific Things You Only See As A Professional Body Piercer

WARNING: The following contains descriptions, but not photos, of graphic genital piercing mishaps.


14 Simple Charts For Teaching Children That Life Is Hard

Hope you weren't prepared to live the life you dreamed of.


8 Items That Will Be Unexpectedly Useful After An Apocalypse

You're going to overlook a lot of little things when the planet goes tits up, everyday items which will become amazingly valuable.


5 Innocent Sounding Pop Songs That Are Actually About Drugs

Sometimes a song's true meaning is far less in-your-face than you would think.


7 Ways The Media Is Trying To Sabotage Your Sex Life

I want you to do me a favor and look inside your pants, right now. Doesn't matter where you are -- do it. Behold the glory of your genitals.


6 Shockingly Hardcore Skills You Can Learn In Under A Week

In six short days, Stunt University will take your insane death wish and teach you how to make money off it.


7 Quotes By Famous Geniuses (That Everyone Gets Wrong)

Stop making Honest Abe out to be a dumb liar.


Why 'The Grinch' Is MUCH Darker Than You Ever Realized

Spoiler alert: 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas!' is really about a community of traumatized people who live in constant fear of genocide.


6 Liars Who Found Unfathomable Fame Impersonating Authority

Be wary of individuals in clerical collars.